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Crushing Concerta 54 Mg

TEK - How to handle/crush Concerta Pills Drugs-Forum

10/9/2017 Take your razor blade and cut a slit all the way down the pill. Put the corner of the blade under the coating you just cut and start prying it off with your blade. This coating is relatively easy to cut off if it has warmed up a little bit. If it is a little warmer, it will generally come off in about 3 pieces.

How to Extract/Defeat Concerta (Methylphenidate)

8/8/2020 I also got about #10 54mg Concerta, imprint ALZA 54 these have to be some of the most stubborn fuckers I have encountered! I was scripted these from around age 9-12 and I remember being able to chew the fuckers into nothing easily cause even 10 year old


They are formulated in strengths of 18 mg, 27 mg, 36 mg, and 54 mg. Some people abuse Concerta by taking more pills than prescribed, or by crushing and snorting large doses of it for a more potent high; this drug can also be abused intravenously.

Crushing Concerta 54 Mg

Crushing concerta mg mrfotografie crushing methelin er exteriordesignerin concerta methylphenidatechewing or crushing the tabular methylphenidate ritalinsr or, i have some pink 54 mg methylphenidate pills and i know that for ive chat can you get a high from

Can concerta be crushed Doctor answers on

My son has been taking 72 mg of Concerta for years. My husband recently switched employers and our new insurance does not cover this medication. It will cost us $1300.00 for a 90 day supply. Imy granddaughter who is 16 and a half started taking concerta 54 mg each day. prescribed by one neuologist she was tested with a high level of adhd . wer went for second opinion as we weerent sure

Snorting Concerta: Is There a Safe Method? San Diego

One of the ways people who abuse Concerta consume the drug to get an immediate, intense high is by crushing and snorting it. Regardless of how the drug is acquired, crushing and snorting Concerta can be very damaging.

easiest way to do concerta Hip Forums

15/1/2009 Concerta is methylphenidate in a time-released capsule, perscribed for ADD, generally for adults. Methylphenidate is the same active ingredient as in ritalin (which is 5mg pills perscribed mostly for children). Concerta comes in 18mg and 54mg tablets. I used to be perscribed 72mg/day!

Crushing Concerta 18mg guide (mph, methylphenidate ER)

For those unaware, concerta is a pill that uses OROS (osmotic-controlled release oral delivery system) The pill I am referring to for this is the circular pale yellow one with 18 on one side OROS is a bitch and a half getting past but if you have these simple things you can get right on your way to having basically pure mph powder that can be used for just about any ROA

How to Snort Concerta + Experience of preparing it : Drugs

How much concerta did you take while figuring this out? 2 share Report Save level 2 Original Poster 6 years ago I took about one 36 mg pill my first few times because the pills I have are 36 mg ER. I do about 3-6 of them depending on how much shit i want to get

Concerta Addiction and Abuse Addiction Center

1/12/2020 Understanding Concerta (Methylphenidate) Concerta pills are cylindrical in shape and either red, gray, yellow or white, depending on the potency. They are formulated in 18 mg, 27 mg, 36 mg and 54 mg strengths. Concerta is a brand name of the drug