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Mineral Oil As Rejuvenator Of Bitumen

Investigation of waste oils as rejuvenators of aged

2019-9-30  Waste cooking and engine oils (WCO, WEO) were investigated as bitumen rejuvenators. • Optimum percentages of the waste oils were 3.5% for the WCO and 5.5% for the WEO. • Rejuvenated bitumen showed less tendency to short-term aging based on DSR results. • Rejuvenated bitumen by both WCO and WEO had a performance grade of PG 64-28. •

(PDF) Use of Edible Oil as Rejuvenator in Reclaimed

The waste edible oil was added by 5%, 10% and 15% by weight of bitumen binder in the designed BC mix. Marshall Stability, Indirect Tensile Strength and Tensile Strength Ratio tests were performed

waste cooking oil asphalt rejuvenator

using rejuvenator in aged bitumen binder can reach target PG grades when the optimum percentage of rejuvenator is achieved. This present work will investigate the possibility of using waste cooking oil as recycling/rejuvenating agent to restore the aged bitumen to a condition that resemble of Obtener precio

(PDF) The current state of asphalt rejuvenators

describes a rejuvenator containing palm oil and heavy bitumen, both industrial waste products [18]. By varying the ratio of palm oil to bitumen, vi scosities from 200 60000 cSt could be achieved


Vegetable oil was added at percentages ranging from 4 to 8% by weight of the bitumen. Rejuvenation of the mixture using the vegetable oils was then assessed by the mechanical and rheological performance of the material and binders. Furthermore, the effect of the addition of vegetable oil rejuvenators was also investigated using SARA analysis

Investigation of rejuvenation and modification of aged

2020-1-20  The aged BA and PMA binders were then rejuvenated using aromatic oil (AR) and a compound rejuvenator (MAR) containing 77% aromatic oil and 23% SBS polymer. Conventional bitumen tests, DSR rheological test, BBR test and FTIR analysis were performed to evaluate the rejuvenation and modification effects induced by the aromatic oil and SBS polymer.

Nynas specialty oils and bitumen

2021-1-31  Nynas produces transformer oils, base oils, tyre oils, rubber oils, process oils and bitumen for paving and industrial applications. Nynas specialty oils and bitumen This website uses cookies to give you a better experience of the site.

Effect of Waste Edible Vegetable Oil on High

Based on the asphalt rejuvenation theory and some related studies, waste cooking oil can be used for asphalt regeneration. The objective of this study is to investigate the high temperature properties of aged asphalt binder with waste edible vegetable oil. The materials used for this study included three sources of virgin asphalt (60-80 grad, 40-60 grad, SBS modified asphalt), three sources of

Anova Asphalt Rejuvenator Reverse Impact of Aging

2021-2-1  Anova asphalt pavement rejuvenator is a bio-based additive shown to reverse the impact of aging in RAP and RAS binder applications. Call 1-800-842-3631.