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Mining Industry Definition

Mining industry definition of Mining industry by The

Define Mining industry. Mining industry synonyms, Mining industry pronunciation, Mining industry translation, English dictionary definition of Mining industry. n. 1. The process or business of extracting ore or minerals from the ground. 2. a. The process of digging under an enemy emplacement or

Mining industry definition and meaning Collins

2020-10-3  Mining industry definition: Mine is the first person singular possessive pronoun . A speaker or writer uses mine to Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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Mining Industry. the complex of branches of production engaged in the exploration for deposits of minerals and in the extraction from the earth and primary processing (concentration) of these minerals. The mining industry is divided into the following main groups: (1) the fuel industry, includig petroleum, natural gas, coal, shale, and peat

Mining industry definition of Mining industry by

Mining industry is a miracle industry that saves Surigao del Sur from the bondage of poverty," the lawmaker said. House panel cautioned on 5-percent royalty tax vs mining industry However, throughout the years, Villanueva said that the contribution of the mining industry has remained small: less than 1% of the GDP; and less than 1% of the

mining industry definition English definition

mining. n. 1 the act, process, or industry of extracting coal, ores, etc., from the earth. 2 (Military) the process of laying mines. alluvial mining. n a method of extracting minerals by dredging alluvial deposits. mining bee. n a solitary bee of the genera Andrena and Halictus, which sometimes resemble honey bees.

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The mining industry is like any other manufacturing industry in that it utilizes sophisticated and productive machinery, along with digitization, so that it can prosper by increasing productivity while decreasing costs. Development in mining technology is ongoing throughout the world, notwithstanding India.

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Mining is the industry and activities connected with getting valuable or useful minerals from the ground, for example coal, diamonds, or gold. n-uncount...traditional industries such as

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2018-8-15  The mining industry is involved in the extraction of precious minerals and other geological materials. The extracted materials are transformed into a mineralized form that serves an economic benefit to the prospector or miner. Typical activities in the mining industry include metals production, metals investing, and metals trading.

Mining definition and meaning Collins English

2021-1-20  Mining is the industry and activities connected with getting valuable or useful minerals from the ground, for example coal, diamonds, or gold....traditional industries such as coal mining and steel making. He was born at Aberdare in South Wales, the son of a mining engineer. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

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the companies and activities involved in the process of producing goods for sale, especially in a factory or special area: