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Flotation Copper Collectorless

A potential application of collectorless flotation in a

2010-10-1  Approximately 76% of the copper was recovered with a concentrate grade of 22.5% within the first minute of the collectorless flotation. At the end of the 10 min flotation, 90% copper recovery and 10.8% concentrate grade were achieved. Meanwhile, pyrite recovery was low i.e. 2.9% recovery at the end of the 10 min flotation.

A potential application of collectorless flotation in a

The flotation recovery of pyrite and copper mineral is calculated from the chemical assay by assuming the chalcopyrite is the main copper mineral present (Zheng and Manton, 2010). The flotation

Electrochemical investigation on collectorless flotation

The collectorless flotation behaviors of sphalerite in the presence of Cu2+ ions have been established. The effects of pH, potential and Cu2+ concentration on the flotation have been studied using...

Depressing mechanisms of sodium bisulphite in the

2005-4-4  The results indicate that sodium bisulphite acts as an effective depressant for the collectorless flotation of copper-activated sphalerite and has a specific effect on the surface chemistry of sphalerite particles under the experimental conditions studied.

The collectorless flotation of sphalerite

The effect of redox potential, pH, and copper-activation have been investigated in tests using samples of pure mineral. It has been found that in general, collectorless flotation of sphalerite can be accomplished at potentials greater than -200 mV, SHE, and is more readily carried out in acidic solutions.

The effect of water quality on the collectorless

Water quality had no effect on the collectorless flotation of chalcopyrite which was very strong, in excess of 96% copper recovery, but all three lower quality waters had a detrimental effect on the recovery of bornite compared to that obtained in distilled water. The depressant effect was so strong that the little recovery achieved in these

(PDF) Preliminary study on collectorless flotation of

Preliminary study on collectorless flotation of chalcocite, bornite and copper-bearing shale in the presence of selected frothers January 2016 E3S Web of Conferences 8:01031

Collectorless flotation of oxidized pyrite ScienceDirect

2019-1-20  For example, a maximum flotation recovery of 50% was reached after 120 s at pH 3. According to the micro-flotation results, the collectorless flotation recoveries of oxidized pyrite after 5 min and 15 min of ultrasonic treatments were below 20% and similar at all pH values tested.

Effect of surface oxide/hydroxide products on the

2006-3-1  The change in collectorless flotation of sphalerite with pH and Cu (II) concentration was correlated with the type and proportion of species present on the sphalerite surface. The solution and surface species were determined using a combination of analytical techniques including zeta potential measurement and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.


2015-4-12  Chapter 3 Collectorless Flotation in the Presence of Sodium Sulphide 3.1 Description of Behavior 3.2 Nature of Hydrophobic Entity 3.3 Surface Analysis and Sulphur-Extract 3.4 Comparison between Self-Induced and Sodium Sulphide-Induced Collectorless